Secret Project Episode 4

This week on Secret Project, Travis and Jeff discuss The Indigo Girls, 1 Kings, and examining our privilege as it relates to history.

Song this week: “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee” by the Indigo Girls

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As always, thank you to The Midnight Sons for our theme song “Variable” from their album Descartes.

Secret Project Podcast Episode 3

Sorry this is late! For some reason my brain said, “You know what you can probably do in the middle of the woods with limited internet while you’re in charge of almost 200 kids? Edit and upload a podcast!” Turns out I was wrong. 

This week on Secret Project, Jeff and Travis discuss Luke 7, Miguel, and how we define ourselves in light of something we have nothing to do with.

Scripture Luke 7:36-8:3
Soundtrack: “Adorn” by Miguel from the album Kaleidoscope Dreams

Thanks as always to The Midnight Sons for our theme song “Variable” from their album Descartes.

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Secret Project Episode 2

Welcome back to Secret Project! This time Travis and I are talking about Bob Marley, Luke 7, being hope rather than just talking about it, and what happens when helping does more harm than good.

  • Show Notes!
    • Our text for this episode is Luke 7:11-17
    • Travis’s music selection is Bob Marley’s “No Woman No Cry”
    • The book Travis mentions is Toxic Charity by Robert D Lupton
    • As always thank you to The Midnight Sons for our theme song “Variable” off their album Descartes
    • You can talk to us on Twitter! I’m @jmesquire and Travis is @wtewton. Or you can email us at
    • Please note that we did the first 4 episodes all in one go so even if you have great ideas for us, unless it’s something I can do in post-prod, you won’t see the results of that until episode 5. Thanks for understanding!

Secret Project Episode 1

Welcome to Secret Project! It’s a podcast from myself and Travis Ewton about music, theology, and culture and the places they meet up.

Why Secret Project? Well there’s two reasons. The first is that I referred to this as Secret Project on social media because I have a bad habit of scheming and not actually making a thing and so I didn’t want to commit to an identity before I knew it was going to happen. The second is that when we sat down to record, Secret Project sounded to us like a band that would have toured with Minor Threat and that DIY ethos of getting a message out through music seemed like what we were trying to do with Secret Project so we stuck with it.

The goal is that we want to soundtrack the lectionary, to look at music and how it relates to scripture and more importantly, what conversations they inspire us to have about our culture.

Secret Project will normally release Tuesdays and Thursdays but after our initial recording session I worked on editing this one because I was super stoked about this and wanted to share it as soon as possible. So you get Tuesday’s Secret Project today and then we’ll get into our usual schedule. It’ll be hosted here on Irrational Confidence for a bit while we look into other hosting solutions.

I hope you enjoy Secret Project, and feel free to get with us on Twitter (@jmesquire and @wtewton) or email the show at Here’s the first episode!

Topics Discussed: 1 Kings 7:8-24, Kevin Abstract’s “ECHO” and handling grief.

Thanks as always to The Midnight Sons for our theme song “Variable” from their album Descartes