Spot Up Three Episode 2

Hey! It’s another episode of the Spot Up Three! We managed to have more than 20 minutes of listenable material, so that’s a plus. On the negative, we recorded this a while ago, so all of our analysis may be outdated. Enjoy it anyway as we continue talking about sports, Spike TV’s Ink Master (again) and our run-ins at the Donut King. Get excited and take the plunge with the Spot Up Three

We also talk at length about James Harden, which is an excuse for me to post this picture from his birthday party where he looks to be 150 pounds away from being Rick Ross.

He's out there hustlin'
He’s out there hustlin’

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Irrational Confidence Podcast Episode 1

Ok, here we go. This is the result of an hour and a half of recording. Chase combed through everything and we have 20 minutes of listenable material about the NBA, the NFL, Spike TV’s Ink Master, Extreme Cooking, and the Texas State Fair. If you want to write in to the Irrational Confidence Podcast, you can leave us a comment here or email us at We’re trying to record on Tuesdays, so hit us up before then!

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