Don’t Stop Believing: Fantasy Basketball Edition

We’re back with the ongoing series of guest posts from members of the Irrational Confidence Fantasy Basketball league! This one comes from friend of the site (yes, they’re all friends of the site. That’s how this is going to work.) Rebekah Spaulding who gets to the heart of the pain of dropping your favorite players. She also answers the question I’d been wondering, “I wonder if I could swing a deal for Ibaka?” Thanks for your insight, Beka!  -Jeff

It was inevitable that this day would come. This day being the unavoidable realization that not all players are created equal. It is also the day I fully accept that defense may win championships, but it doesn’t do squat in fantasy basketball. This is the day I accept the differences between college and professional basketball. This is the day I sadly cut ties with Thunder players in my line up.

I watch basketball with my heart. I am the girl that always picks Oklahoma State to win the National Championship, even if they have no business making it out of the second round. I am the girl that wanted to draft only players I knew from their college careers, including many OSU players who currently play at less than stellar levels. I drafted using my heart, not my head, ending up with four Thunder players, three of which barely contribute consistently. I picked them because I like them as players, not because I thought they were good. Recognizing that I have been emotionally compromised for the past three and a half weeks, it was time to cut my hometown players.

Yes, welcome to fantasy basketball, where the intangibles mean absolutely nothing. Continue reading “Don’t Stop Believing: Fantasy Basketball Edition”

Fear the Dissonance: On Being a Fan of Professional and Fantasy Sports

 This is the first post in what will hopefully become a series from members of the Official Fantasy Basketball League of Irrational Confidence. Today’s post is by friend of the site Stephen Carradini.

“I loved Julio Jones, but now that he’s in the NFL, he’s a pain,” said my friend Jimmy, a huge Crimson Tide fan, as we watched Alabama’s ritual thrashing of Tennessee.

“Do you like the Saints or something?” I asked.

“No, I’ve got Roddy White on my fantasy team, and Julio Jones steals points from him,” he replied.

This is the strange professional sports world of 2012. Fantasy and professional leagues create mixed loyalties, strange bedfellows and cheers for your erstwhile enemies (depending on the week, of course). I’ve navigated this odd minefield in professional football by cheering for the Rams, which works out because Rams players almost never matter in fantasy. I’m the only person in the world who picks Danny Amendola on principle. But I’m a die-hard Oklahoma City fan who has just been invited to the Official Irrational Confidence Fantasy Basketball League, and I’m about to have serious cognitive dissonance. I want to win. I want the Thunder to win. Sometimes these desires will come at cross odds. Continue reading “Fear the Dissonance: On Being a Fan of Professional and Fantasy Sports”