Wonderful Humans Live Up to their Name

There are days in which I go looking for new music (or it gets sent to me) where I listen to it and enjoy it but know that there’s a few kinks to work out in subsequent releases. This is not one of those days. New York City’s Wonderful Humans have come out of the gate firing with some finely tuned indie-pop that reminds me a ton of Arcade Fire right down to the near-flawless “woah” sections for which I am the biggest sucker. From the opening on “Together Now,” it’s clear that Wonderful Humans have put together something to appeal directly to me. There’s a synth line after my own heart over some breakbeats combined with a bouncy bass line and harmonies that come together to a point that I kept unconsciously flipping between the vocal lines trying to sing along because they were so intertwined in my head.

There’s so much more to love about Wonderful Humans in just the brief five song offering of their Soundcloud page, but the vocals are definitely a high point. From the effortless, lo-fi(ish) beauty of “High Up” to the singalong perfection (featuring the aforementioned “whoas”) of “Big River” with its triumphant chorus and lyrics describing the need for adventure while also realizing that you might not be entirely in control of your own life. Existentialism has never been so catchy! The instrumentation is appropriately energetic, and every song feels like it’s going somewhere at all times. Mostly relying on drums, synth and bass, Wonderful Humans aren’t shy about adding in some glockenspiel or guitar when it feels right and the constant build adds that much more punch when they drop the floor out for an a capella section. If this is what Wonderful Humans can do on their early releases, it’s going to be wild if they keep improving. You can check out “Big River” below and check out more from Wonderful Humans on their Soundcloud page


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