Hoodie Allen Throws High Heat on “Nolan Ryan”

Nolan Ryan

Hoodie Allen has been a favorite of Irrational Confidence for more than a few years now. Fresh off his latest tour and in anticipation of his upcoming debut album, the New York emcee let loose a new free track, “Nolan Ryan.” The track quickly lives up to its namesake as Hoodie absolutely goes in over an excellent !llmind soul beat with the same kind of speed as a Nolan Ryan heater. I’m not quite sure, but I think at some points on the track Hoodie reaches triple-time with his rhyme scheme. The punchlines are clever as always and it’s clear that Hoodie is using this track to showcase his technical ability apart form his already apparent pop-rap sensibilities. The track reminds me a lot of “Look at What We Started,” the first track off of 2009’s Leap Year mixtape that still remains one of my favorite Hoodie Allen tracks, with its relentless pace and lines you have to rewind a couple of times to appreciate. If this and previous release “Show Me What You’re Made Of” are representative samples, then it’s safe to say that I’ll be anticipating the full-length album when Hoodie Allen releases it later this summer.

You can listen to “Nolan Ryan” below and make sure to check out the great Happy Gilmore inspired video for “Show Me What You’re Made Of” while you’re at it.


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