Drift Wood Miracle

Friend of the site and curator of Independent Clauses Stephen Carradini is sitting in my living room right now. When I got home from class this morning, Stephen was at my table with his laptop flipped open and I couldn’t help but catch a snippet of the song that was playing. As music enthusiasts are wont to do, I asked who he was listening to. Instead of giving me a straight answer he turned up the volume on his speakers and kept the music going. This is how we ended up spending two straight hours listening to Drift Wood Miracle.

Coming out of Durham, North Carolina, Drift Wood Miracle brings some incredibly polished post-hardcore (well, as polished as that genre can be) that plays like someone locked themselves in a basement with a ton of Taking Back Sunday, Brand New and the like and wouldn’t come out until they figured out how to smash it all together using only the best parts of those bands. The band is a finely tuned machine of emotion and wordplay and expertly pieces it all together. For example, on “My Condition” vocalist Bryan Diver manages to compare himself to both a dragon and a snake in the same sentence without sounding cheesy and weaving it into the rest of the song’s narrative. All of this floats over a storm of guitar and drums building throughout. Every song, from the funky opening of “Juggernaut” to the Brand New by-way-of The Bravery “To Endeavor,” holds this marvelous tension between the instrumentals wanting to run free in all of their post-hardcore glory but being kept in check by the vocals. It’s not an easy thing to do and that kept me smashing repeat on every song.

The standout track of my sojourn through the Drift Wood Miracle Soundcloud page was by far “Solum.” It’s so very different from the rest of the discography but that’s probably what drew me to it. Over a simple acoustic loop, the band paints a picture of love lost that breaks into three-part harmony that legitimately gave me chills just now even though it was the tenth time I’ve played “Solum” today. Lyrically the song is beautiful and the abrupt switch in style was enough to grab my attention long enough to discover that this song is absolutely amazing. I am beyond excited to see what’s next for this band and I think it will be more than coincidence that gets me to listen to their next release. You can check out “Solum” below and everything else I loved about this band on the Drift Wood Miracle Soundcloud.



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