Tuesday Two Step: Orphan Mothers

I’m excited to bring the Two Step back and introduce you all to Orphan Mothers. This new duo out of Regina, SK just released their first single, “Towers,” and when I first heard it, I knew it was exactly the kind of song I wanted to write about. Jon Neher’s minimalist beat begins the track with a snap that immediately brought Lorde’s “Royals” to mind but it is not content to stay in the same lane as that song. Layer on layer of guitars and strings begin to build, creating a vibe closer to Passion Pit, particularly “Constant Conversations” and I started to feel myself floating out of my chair as the song continued to build itself up. There’s a moment at the end of the song where a repeated guitar note begins to overtake the vocal track as the chorus loops and just as it gets to a point where one would expect a solo or some bombastic declaration, the bottom drops out and we’re left with the snap track from the beginning of the song. It’s a brilliant tease and it had me running to start the song over again.

And then there’s the vocals. Eden Rohatensky adds an incredibly worked vocal line that seems to push and pull the instrumentals through the song while not being in tension with them. Everything fits together. Her voice has a feeling of effortlessness, like there’s no problem for it to sound this flowing and smooth. While I love the instrumentals, I can’t imagine “Towers” without the full effect of Rohatensky’s vocals washing over the listener. I cannot wait to hear what happens next with this band.

As I said before, this is the very first release from Orphan Mothers who are planning a full project to release later this year. You can watch the video for “Towers” below or you can get it on Orphan Mothers’ Bandcamp page, which I will be frantically refreshing, hoping that there will soon be more songs there.


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