What?! Decent Lovers?!

I fell in love with Decent Lovers (and also Seer Group, their frequent collaborator) from the very beginning of their cover of “Brand New Colony” that was contributed to the Never Give Up compilation. It had a boldness and an excitement to it that let me know that my expectations of what a Postal Service cover was supposed to be were about to be shattered. I thought it was fantastic and I immediately sought out more of Elijah Wyman’s work. Also I almost bought some handmade Decent Lovers soap, so there’s that.

Recently Decent Lovers released four free singles and I knew I had to recommend them to you all. It’s hard to find a good comparison to let people know what they’re in for with this music but that’s not going to stop me from trying. It’s kind of like if Passion Pit and James Blake got together to make a poppier version of themselves in North Carolina and also there’s an autoharp. While all the tracks in the sampler are great, we really need to talk about “2Star.” Decent Lovers included a pre-recording acoustic version that somehow segues perfectly into its fully produced counterpart. Decent Lovers, even if I couldn’t say all the other nice things about what they create, are at their best when they start a track. “2Star” begins with what sounds like a demented wind-up toy before exploding into a super great dance track following a “Jason Derulo”-style announcement of the band name that fits the mood perfectly. The synth work combines with some power pop guitar and a super catchy hook to make a song that I’ve hit repeat on more times that I can count in the past few days.

It’s become a cliche around here for me to critique a song’s danceability as a high point (one that’s not going anywhere, so I may need to develop a formal metric) but this comes with a first. I was working on a paper at a coffee shop while listening to this collection (“2Star” specifically) and the person I was studying with actually asked what was wrong with me as I went into some sub-conscious groove. If a track is so good that it causes me to lose control of my limbs, you need it in your life. You can pick up the singles for whatever price you choose on the Decent Lovers Bandcamp page, where you can also pick up the equally great and wonderfully titled Decent Lovers + Seer Group Bring You Maxxx Pleasure.


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