Thin Ice

I wrote and performed this poem tonight at Union’s Naked Stage open mic and I thought it was worth sharing. 

Last night I followed my father out onto the ice.

I knew in the back of my mind that this couldn’t be real because for once my father wasn’t complaining about the cold aggravating the cracks in his hands

But at the time all I felt were my uncoordinated legs shaking.

As I followed my father he walked, no, he glided towards something I could barely make out while I staggered along behind, intimately aware of my own weight sending spiderweb cracks as emissaries in front of me.

We arrived at a place prepared for us; simple walls and a canvas roof and in the middle of the icy floor, a hole.

And my father presses into my hand a pole.

I look at the opening wondering how anything bigger than the line could fit through it.

My father looks at me and with a wink and a smile says “Just trust.” And I do.

And as we sit in my dream, waiting for the impossible, I feel just a little bit lighter.


2 thoughts on “Thin Ice

  1. I like this post 🙂 I have never participated or been to an open mic night. How do you like them? I do write like this sometimes and I’d like to bring an open mic night into my community.

    1. I really enjoy them (or at least the one I go to consistently) It’s a great way to hear stories from your community and to share as well. It helps to have a stage that you visit a few times before you perform to get comfortable with the community that’s built up around that open mic (though if you’re brave enough to dive right in, don’t let me stop you!)

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