Tuesday Two Step: The Hush Now and James Younger

hush now

Boston band The Hush Now’s new album Memos just released yesterday and I was lucky enough to be sent the first single “Arkansas.” It’s a lovely piece of indie pop, driven by a bouncy piano chord progression and accented by some solid guitar work. Adam Quane’s vocals ride the instrumentals well and create some sort of sonic roller coaster. “Arkansas” is incredibly catchy; I’ve found myself humming it in class for weeks on end. It’s a great setup to the rest of Memos, which finds itself bouncing between genres and showing off the versatility of the band. You can listen to “Arkansas” here.

James Younger is from Manchester, but his music has a distinctly American sound. His new single “Monday Morning” off of his fittingly titled Feelin’ American is instantly reminiscent of The Strokes, down to Younger’s Julian Casablancas-esque vocals. “Monday Morning” is a work of guitar-pop that’s equal parts hard guitar and an almost dance-rock feel. The video is equally clever, giving a callback to 80s MTV with (oddly enough) German subtitles. “Monday Morning” is a time capsule of a song straight from the early 21st Century and I’m very excited to hear the rest of Feelin’ American when it releases June 25th.


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