Tuesday Two Step: Hoodie Allen and Kina Grannis

Today in the Two Step we’ve got new music from rapper Hoodie Allen, who’s managed to keep himself busy this year, releasing a mixtape, touring to support it, and almost immediately heading back to the studio for more. FUSE TV invited him to team up with Kina Grannis and gave them 24 hours to write, record, and perform a new song. The resulting track is “Make It Home.” Sonically reminiscent of Hoodie’s earlier “No Faith in Brooklyn,” Hoodie uses the track to tell the story of his rise from obscurity. It’s clever work as usual from Hoodie, though I wonder if he regrets that Geno Smith shoutout now that Smith is playing for his Jets. Kina Grannis’s vocals on the chorus are stunning. Her voice and acoustic work add a new layer to the track and I would love to see more collaborations between them. “Make It Home” is another new direction for Hoodie Allen after his recent Crew Cuts and it’s a path I wouldn’t mind seeing him explore more.

Also from that FUSE set, Hoodie and Kina performed a cover of Walk The Moon’s “Anna Sun.” Grannis performs a stripped down acoustic version of the song that highlights her immense vocal talent and it’s a cool change of pace from the original. Hoodie adds in by mashing it up with “Small Town” from his album All American, a versatile track that always seems to find its way into indie rock mashups recently. It’s a fun cover and it looks like the pair had a good time doing it. You can check it out below


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