The Simon Wright Band Brings Groovy Tunes from Down Under

Simon Wright

I’m still new to this music reviewing thing. I still get super stoked when I get something new in my inbox to listen to and I hope I’m always excited to listen to new things. But this is the first time I’ve listened to something and got giddy at the prospect of being able to share this with all of you.

Coming out of Melbourne, Australia, The Simon Wright Band brings a smooth sound over on their new EP, Live at 52. The band thrives in this live environment, combining acoustic jams with soulful melodies and clever rapping. It’s like Ed Sheeran, Yelawolf, and Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy crashed into each other in the Outback. I promise every bit of that comparison is a compliment. Simon Wright has a fantastic voice for funk and soul, and his flow on the spoken parts of the songs is equally impressive.

Lead single “Music” is the perfect example of how well the band works together. Wright, guitarist Mikey Chan, and bassist Nick Ohlson weave together three lines that compliment each other while maintaining melodic autonomy. Drummer Shane Evans knows just how to drive the groove without overcoming it, and his vocals are wonderful alongside Wright’s. Wright spins a narrative about finding love through music and his vocals on the chorus are exactly what you think this song would need, a soulful mix of longing with the right amount of confidence to let you know he’s got a shot at this girl.

The whole album is worth listening to, from the smoky “Music,” to the uptempo blues/funk seduction anthem “Baby Move,” to the Motown stylings of “When Good Things Fall Apart” and everything in between. The band switches styles effortlessly and keeps the energy and originality flowing forth. Each of the five tracks is so different from the ones before it but the constant is quality musicianship from the band and Simon Wright’s incredible white boy soul.

If you’re a fan of any artist in my haphazard comparison above, or of acts like Jason Mraz or The Shouting Matches, you should definitely pick up Live at 52. I’ve had it on repeat for a week while I tried to find the words to accurately describe how much I love it. Watch the video for “Music” below and pick up Live at 52 either on iTunes or at the Simon Wright Band’s website



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