Two Moons

I’m tired of being told I feel invincible.  And I’m confused by who’s doing the telling.  It’s parents, teachers, mentors—the generation that’s raised mine.

I don’t get it.  My generation doesn’t feel invincible and we never have, and you, our predecessors, should know that best of all.  We’re the ones you had to console when we woke up terrified in the middle of the night because the world went on forever.  We’re the ones who now hide behind facebook and twitter because our real selves feel so breakable.  We’re the ones whose harried feet fall heavy on the accelerator because the wind whispers rush rush rush as we run away from the dangerous everything.

We’ve grown up watching sensational news that constantly reminds us: everyone is expendable.  The message has hit its mark.

We feel so vulnerable that we appear to believe we aren’t.  The world is hazardous enough that nothing can keep us safe and it’s barely worth trying to be.  It’s not that we feel invincible; we’re just thoroughly resigned to how fragile we are.

So it’s a tough blow to take, to always be told how arrogantly confident we are in our own right to exist.  The smirk and reproach don’t help us deal with our existential insecurity.

As in many situations, I’m not sure what would help, but it’s not that.  Cross it off the list and keep looking.


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