A word on gamesmanship in fantasy football

There’s a lot more to fantasy football than the players on your roster.  The way you present yourself as an owner has an effect on what players eventually end up there, so you need to pay some attention to that as well.

I have participated in more than 30 fantasy football drafts in my life, and not one has ever concluded with a round of defenses and a round of kickers.  This is odd, because that’s the generally accepted thing to do with the last two rounds.  No defense or kicker until then, then pick up both in that order.  There are valid reasons for drafting a defense or a kicker a little sooner: if you don’t like anyone on the board and you think the Ravens D really will score enough points to warrant grabbing them before everyone else, fine.  But that’s not the point.  Savvy owners look at 7th round defense picks and things like rostering two kickers and think you’ll be easy pickings when it comes time to trade a couple weeks in.

You get the defense you want, but you sacrifice trade leverage in that you appear weak/uninformed.  You’ve got to decide which is more important.

Same thing with waiver moves: you can’t make too many (the exact number that qualifies as ‘too many’ depends on what the rest of the league is doing) if you’re in the basement, because it looks desperate.  Again, other owners will see that and send you lowball trades once they realize you’re scrambling to improve.

Also, you can’t make zero moves, because that doesn’t make you look competent either.

TL;DR: present yourself as someone who knows what you’re doing (I suppose that goes for life in general too) because it’ll make your roster better in the long run.


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