A Subjective Subject

The main thing I have noticed about my family’s new house is that there is nowhere to pull the toilet paper other than directly into the toilet.  You’d think that would be a primary concern when designing a bathroom, the ability to pull toilet paper off the roll and stay dry in the attempt, but apparently not.  I hope this is not metaphorical.

I love the fact that nobody noticed this in the process of building the house, though.  People focus on creating little touches to perfect their creations, but it’s really hard to avoid the little things being stupidly wrong. There are far more ways to do something wrong than there are to do it right, which is what makes getting things right so gratifying.

Or is it?  Do we really need to experience something bad to know what good is like?  People often cite hard times as the reason soft ones feel so rewarding, but I’m not convinced.  Certain things have to be absolute.

For instance, if you were born on Venus, with no idea what Earth is like, you would still feel “hot” and still do what we might term “dying.”  These things are just functions of how our bodies are built.  It seems obvious that living on a scorching, toxic planet would be bad for a human regardless of what we have or don’t have to compare it to, but this isn’t how we tend to think in everyday life.

I admit that eating Brussels sprouts might give us an enhanced perspective on ice cream, but our point of comparison does not make ice cream objectively better.  If you like it, you like it.  Dark doesn’t make light lighter; it simply makes us aware that dark exists as a counterpoint to light.

Of course, perspective matters, and if thinking about how boring you find math helps you enjoy basketball more, go ahead.  Just know the negative is not necessary to appreciate the positive.


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